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July 20, 2010


Free Market Info Sheet

July 14, 2010
Market Info Word File

Click to Download

Here’s a present! 

This is a sheet a made up for my own use, but I realised the other day how handy it would be for others too.

This is a non-exhaustive list of craft-based markets in Melbourne, how much they cost, when they are on, where, what you get for your money, and contact details. It’s a handy word file that you can fiddle with, adjust, print, pass around, add to and update.

Feel free to pass it on, print it out and mess with it, use it to wrap presents.

I’ll be adding to it and updating as I get new information. If you add or update, let me know and I’ll update the main one too, so we can have a current and helpful resource to share around.

To download either click the link in the side bar


Or find it in the “Resources” section above ^

How to Have a Market Stall Without Having a Car

July 12, 2010

I don’t drive.

At all. Not only do I not have my license, I’ve never had it.

But I have always wanted to have a market stall selling my wares. Right now I’m attempting to do one without the other. Can it be done? Yes it can.

You can get out there are sell stuff from a rickety table just like every other shmuck out there, you’ll just have to be more organised and be a bit restricted.

Number 1 is: Your product is small and portable in bulk. Major! Clothes can cross this line, as they may be portable in bulk, but all the clothes racks aren’t. If you sell hand carved marble busts of pop icons I would recommend you getting hold of a vehicle.

Get a decent sized suitcase with wheels: Self explanatory really. For carting around all your stock, decorations, snacks, and whatnot.

Stick to markets that provide tables: No carting trestle tables around for  you. Yay!  Chairs aren’t as big a deal as you can buy folding chairs that come in bags with shoulder straps. Perfect for early morning tram-taking. Some Melbourne markets that provide some furniture: Rose St Artists’ Market, Black Bird, Craft Hatch.

Speaking of Trams: Fear not the commuter nightmare. For your average market you’ll be heading out early on a weekend morning when most people are still snuggled up in their doona suits leaving you heaps of room on the tram for all your market stuff

Bad Weather: Most people bring pop-up tents, awnings and umbrellas. Not for this little duck. My inclement weather protection plan involves a clear plastic sheet (so people can still see the product) and a big umbrella for me. I’ll let you know how successful this is for me. Or you could just choose indoor/undercover markets like: Black Bird, North Melbourne Market, Revlover Design Market, Modish Creators Market, Craft Hatch, … Now that I look at it, the undercover markets are the ones that generally provided some furniture. WIN!

I’m putting together a list of markets, their prices, what they supply you with etc. I might put it up for download in the side bar there. Would anyone be interested in accessing a document like that?

Anything I’ve missed? After the 1st one in August I’ll let you know of any more issues I come across!


26 Days to GO- Market Necessities

July 5, 2010

So you whipped up some sample products, applied to that market and got accepted. Steps 1-3: Completed. Now comes the gathering of market necessities, booth decorations, promotional materials and snacks.  Each display needs to be visually in tune with the aesthetics and concept of the brand and products so decorative needs will vary, but there will always be items that every booth needs.

As the concept of my work is modern architecture through a vintage aesthetic, my booth will be “Tea at Nanna’s House” themed. To that end I went op-shopping and raided my collection of doilies and come up with

Things I have Already

  • Embroidered and crocheted tablecloths. 
  • Glass bowls for boiled lollies
  • Boiled lollies (I must note that these are not second-hand)
  • Plate stands for displaying smaller items
  • Vintage embroidered apron
  • An idea for my sign, but no actual sign
  • Tea cups and saucers
  • 7 things to sell. Shit

There’s still a heap of stuff I need to get in order to be ready.

Market Necessities

  • Folding chairs
  • Tables if they aren’t supplied
  • Cash box/tin
  • Tarp/Umbrella/Awning
  • Lunch! Beverages! Lollies!
  • Table Cloths
  • Something to do- something creative, preferably related to your work
  • Customer service skills. They don’t need your undivided attention. Eye contact and a cheery ‘hey guys!’ usually suffices
  • Prices tags, signage, business cards, etc
  • Packaging. Shopping bags, tissue paper, whatever
  • Pens and paper
  • Display stands- I need a cupcake stand or something similar, and assorted vintage crockery
  • Bags for rubbish
  • More things to sell. Full stop

Today I will spend at the sewing machine, and on the couch embroidering. Seriously, I only got accepted last week and I’m already behind schedule.

Application For Rose St: Check

July 1, 2010

We’ve been approved!

You’ll be able to visit me and my little friends here on Sundays in August at Rose St Artist’s Market (directions here) from the 1st.